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What we do

User research services

As a UX agency, we offer both qualitative and quantitative user research services.

User surveys

Online surveys provide cost-effective, direct access to your target audience wherever they may be located. Participants can be easily recruited through website pop-up banners, social media and email outreach. User surveys are a perfect solution for soliciting feedback and to benchmark website metrics such as user satisfaction.

User interviews & profiles

User interviews reveal valuable user insights in less time and for less cost than traditional focus groups. Constructed to reveal user expectations, motivations and concerns, we dig deep using representatives from target user groups to understand their needs, interests, behaviors and pain points. We can also combine these interviews with targeted usability testing to create strategic tools such as user profiles. During a contextual inquiry, users complete tasks online while voicing their experience aloud. This gives us an even deeper understanding of how real-life digital environments affect behavior and shape the user experience.

Digital journey maps

User journey maps are a powerful tool to inform UX strategy across a brand’s digital ecosystem. Journey maps depict the interactions a user has across an enterprise to track attitudes, expectations and behaviors in relation to your goals and desired business outcomes. Invaluable during visual design and web development, they can reveal UX opportunities at each touchpoint or can inform a specific initiative to drive UX improvements across company functions and channels.

Usability testing

Spot usability problems before they become business problems. Studies done by IBM show that fixing a problem in design costs 15x less than fixing the same problem in development. Perhaps that’s why Forrester estimates that every dollar spent on UX yields $100 in return. You can conduct usability testing at any time to benchmark task success and other UX metrics to quantify the performance of a website update over time.

Partner with a skilled digital experience agency

Monetize your digital ecosystem by empowering your team to deliver great customer experiences with every interaction through user research and testing. Reach out to [email protected] to discuss how you can make your brand’s user experience a competitive advantage.

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