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Social media has become a core part of parents’ daily routines. It’s a community where they can connect, share and seek peer support. From scrolling through parenting forums for advice to sharing cute family moments, social media serves as a valuable resource and sounding board for parents.

Social media makes it easy for parents to stay informed about parenting trends, educational resources and child-friendly activities, which enrich their role as parents. Social media also helps families build useful connections with other families, experts and brands they interact with daily.

A robust social media marketing strategy has become necessary for brands who want to connect with parents and families. From small startups to multinational corporations, the power and potential of social media is undeniable. Any organization can effectively reach and engage with the parent and family audience.

Let’s explore five key reasons you should be employing a solid social strategy:

1. It makes reaching parents easier than ever.
According to recent US statistics, moms control or influence 85% of all household purchases. And nearly 80% of moms use social media to research products. This offers brands a vast opportunity to reach and engage with potential customers during their buying journey. Analyzing how they act on social media will give you valuable insights into moms’ interests. You’ll know what gets their attention and the best way to reach them when they’re considering a purchase. A strategic social media presence enables you to tap into this pool of potential leads. Then, you can deliver tailored messaging that moves them to action. Targeted messaging will provide better results than traditional marketing channels.

2. It boosts brand awareness and affinity.
Studies show that brands engaging on social media have higher brand loyalty. Seventy percent of moms have said that they’ve shared information about a brand on their social channels. This highlights social media’s pivotal role in shaping brand perception and building brand affinity among parents. Social media is a space for brands to tell their story, share their values and showcase how they’re different from the competition. Consistent and strategic content creation boosts brand recognition, ensuring that you remain top of mind when parents are ready to make decisions.

3. It builds trust and relationships.

Brands with active social media engagement often witness higher customer retention rates, as well as increased brand trust.

This is likely because social media offers a platform for you to humanize your marketing efforts, engage in authentic conversations and build connections with your audience. Parents, more than ever, seek authenticity and transparency. When you thoughtfully use social media, you can:

  • Have honest conversations with parents
  • Listen to what they have to say
  • Give them useful information and ideas to help them with their challenges

Becoming a parent’s trusted advisor—instead of just another advertiser or organization—can foster a loyal community of brand advocates. They’ll champion your brand for years to come.

4. It helps you understand your audience.
Social media isn’t just for broadcasting messages. It’s full of valuable data and insights waiting to be uncovered. Social media platforms offer information that can inform your strategic decisions. You can get information on:

  • Engagement metrics
  • Audience demographics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Trend monitoring

By using analytics tools and monitoring social media conversations, brands can reveal exactly what parents think, feel and do. This can help you tailor your messaging, refine targeting and optimize content so your campaigns resonate better with them.

5. It gives you data to make smarter and more effective decisions.

Ultimately, the ability to drive results and deliver a positive return on investment (ROI) is the measure of success of any marketing initiative. Social media marketing is no exception.

You can continually refine your approach by leveraging social analytics and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). You can improve your social posts and get the most out of your social media program. Studies show that a strong, strategic social presence can increase brand awareness, website traffic and more. Data-driven insights help you make informed decisions that drive business growth. With these insights, you can attract parents to your website, generate leads, or get them to purchase or sign up.

Developing and executing a robust social strategy takes insight and thoughtful planning. There’s value in using adaptable and scalable methods because organizations can be at different stages in their social evolution. We gather critical insights through foundation-setting sessions, audits and assessments. Because we do this in-depth work upfront, we can develop strong social strategy playbooks for our clients.  The playbook guides the development of content and creative. It also drives our reporting structure and cadence. By doing this, we can constantly improve your social performance.

Brands that understand the power and potential of social media to reach parents and families, recognize it is not an optional addition to their marketing toolkit, but a necessity.

It’s a key tool for raising brand awareness, building relationships and achieving business goals. In today’s digital landscape, where parents are inundated with content, a “one-size-fits-all” approach will be lost in the scroll. A well-defined strategy is essential to stand out, engage parents effectively and drive meaningful results.

Are you ready to amplify your social media strategy? Is the parent and family audience crucial to the success of your business, organization or school? Reach out at [email protected] to see how our team of specialists can partner with you to drive results.



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