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Manager communication is a trending topic for 2024 for big reasons. According to Gallup, 70% of a team’s level of engagement can be attributed to its manager. So when it comes to increasing employee engagement, managers are a good place to start. Of course, the same can be said for driving alignment with business goals, building awareness and buy-in for change initiatives, and much more. Managers are not only the glue that holds an organization together, but also the key to unlocking its potential.

So how do we set managers up for success?

While there are many dimensions to being an effective manager, internal communicators and human resource professionals alike are making manager communication a priority for 2024. Both Useworkshop and Unily list manager communication as their number one Internal Communications trend. Leader and manager communication also takes the top spot on Gartner’s 2024 top priorities for HR list.

One way to set managers up for communication success is to provide them with information and training resources.

This can run the gamut from manager talking points and tool kits to manager community sites and resources on the company intranet. It can also include online and in-person training modules to help managers hone their communication skills.

Another way to set managers up for success is to make them feel valued.

Being a manager can seem like a thankless job — with a daunting and ever-growing list of responsibilities. Yet, all too often, managers are the ones doling out recognition rather than being on the receiving end.

Research from Quantum Workplace shows that 58% of managers would like to receive more recognition, compared to 50% of individual contributors. What’s more, managers may be willing to look elsewhere to get it. Gallup research suggests that 53% of managers are passively or actively seeking new jobs — outpacing individual contributors by six percentage points.

Including managers in the recognition mix can have benefits ranging from increased manager retention to greater likelihood of recognition at all levels of the organization. Not to mention, giving recognition provides additional opportunities for organizations to communicate with their managers, and for their managers to communicate with their teams.

Last, but certainly not least, create forums for managers to share ideas and support one another.

There is something to be said for creating a manager community both on the intranet and beyond. Creating a safe space for dialogue and conversation can be a great way for managers to learn from one another, and to combat imposter syndrome.

It’s not uncommon for managers to erroneously assume that the challenges they are facing are unique to them, and that they are somehow less capable than their colleagues. Conquering these fears and tapping other managers for ideas and support can go a long way in increasing manager confidence and capabilities within the organization.

Need help boosting manager effectiveness?

At JPL, supporting managers is a key element of our approach to internal communications — and that’s something that never goes out of style. We can help with everything from creating manager training events and communication audits to designing recognition programs and additional intranet resources for managers. We can also create communication strategies to boost manager communication competencies and drive employee engagement. Whatever challenge you are facing, we are here to help.  Let’s chat. Reach out at [email protected].



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