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Timeliness and clarity still matter the most

Producing effective video content doesn’t always require in-studio or on-location shoots. Challenging situations, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, require us to get creative with how we produce and distribute content. In recent weeks, we’ve employed a number of methods to help our clients stay engaged with their customers and employees.

Here are some strategies we’ve used to efficiently produce effective video content for our clients.

Capture interview content with high-quality web streaming.

Communicating during uncertainty is critical. If you’re reading this article you may be faced with the challenge of capturing interview or on-camera messages. Using web-based video streaming can serve as an effective means to capture footage. With a decent web camera and external microphone, you can capture some very usable footage.

We recently did this for a CEO message video and a weekly TV show we produce. We provided guidance on lighting, audio quality and positioning of the camera. If needed, we can ship a package that includes the tools and tips needed to capture the best footage. Our team remotely directed the CEO using our streaming video platform. After editing the footage and adding on-screen graphics, we translated the video for multiple languages and delivered it for global distribution.

Tell your story with motion graphics.

Sometimes it’s more effective to tell your story through the use of on-screen motion graphics or animation. This enables you to visually emphasize key takeaways or simplify complex messages. With our ability to capture remote voiceovers, we can select the right talent to accompany the message, in any language.

Utilize your existing video assets.

Many of our clients have more existing video assets than they realize, from finished video to b-roll footage. At JPL, we catalog and store a vast amount of video content for our clients, sometimes for decades. This footage can often be repurposed to develop social content, overview videos, case studies and other types of outreach. Combine existing footage with motion graphics and you can efficiently create new content to feed your marketing or communications programs.

JPL’s investment in our remote working infrastructure has allowed us to stay up and running through this challenging time. And we continue to collaborate with our clients to produce critical video content and timely communications.


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