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Travel restrictions may delay your event but don’t delay addressing your business needs.

Canceling or postponing a meeting or event is always a difficult decision. It kicks off a slew of logistical challenges and considerations. But it is critical to also assess the core reason for having the event.

Revisit your strategic imperatives

What was the planned message? Is that information “mission critical” to moving the business forward? Can it wait or does it need to be communicated now?

There is no way to completely replace the deep engagement and buy-in that a face-to-face meeting can create, but the timing and content of your meeting may be too crucial to postpone.

Talk through your options with us

A major reason for using an event to communicate key messages is the exceptional impact it has on the audience. You need to engage and inspire. You need to communicate your message in a way that enables retention and motivates action. These goals can still be accomplished through content developed to be delivered virtually.

We can guide you through the process of reaching a distributed audience and can create compelling content designed to cascade through an organization.

Some examples we have created for our clients include:

  • A live, multi-camera webcast from a professional location
  • Multi-location webcast with two-way communication between locations
  • Pre-produced content packages for use in a webcast or digital distribution
  • Moderated Q&As, live virtual interactions or gamification
  • Virtual walk-throughs of prototypes or displays

Work with us to create a compelling virtual experience

The standard WebEx, Skype or Zoom webinar may not have the production value needed to generate an impact. A well-produced, inspiring virtual experience creates buzz, moves the needle on accomplishing your goals and supports continuity with a future live event.

We understand the importance of the information you planned for your event. You may not have the time to wait to motivate, engage or roll out new business objectives. We can help you reach your audience virtually or in person, synchronously or asynchronously, and through the best channels for your message.

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