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A Trex career isn’t for everyone. Trex needed a way to attract the right candidates who can thrive inside their fast-paced environment and get-it-done culture. Additionally, Trex had to distinguish their hiring efforts from nearby employers competing for the same talent pool.


We set out to build a positive impression of Trex as an employer of choice in targeted job markets. Trex needed a long-term internal solution to attract and retain people eager to build a career with the company. Partnering with the Trex HR and Marketing teams, we established a vibrant employer brand that positions Trex as an employer who treats people well, does the right thing and gives employees a sense of pride. Based on our research, this reputation will set the tone to distinguish Trex from employment competitors in ways that are meaningful to ideal candidates. We activated the employer brand with results-focused recruitment campaigns that generate a pipeline of qualified applicants within targeted geographies.

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