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The Immune Deficiency Foundation has a wealth of free resources, events and support services for people with primary immunodeficiency. But its outdated website was preventing users from finding content quickly and easily. Over the years, its Resources section had become bloated with outdated articles—more than 41,000 URLs in all. The pages were hurting site performance and limiting findability.

Similarly, IDF’s online events are a lifeline for many people. But technical issues were making these events difficult to access. For an audience already struggling with feelings of isolation, even small moments of friction had a big impact.

IDF wanted to improve its user experience for its target audiences. It wanted to help them quickly discover relevant content that leads to improved diagnosis times and outcomes.


Success starts with empathy. JPL paired a website survey with a series of ethnographic interviews and targeted usability testing to build a deep understanding of target audiences.

Our interviews revealed an opportunity to make the site more inclusive of those who don’t yet have a PI diagnosis. After culling outdated content, we created a new taxonomy to organize resources. We also added an extensive disease glossary to help people understand their condition and find the latest research.

Thoughtful integration with third-party platforms such as Voter Voice helped IDF solicit donations at relevant points throughout the user journey. Form-gated downloadable resources helped IDF capture leads within Salesforce and further cultivate relationships.



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Building a new website was no small task for an organization that includes information and resources about more than 450 rare and chronic conditions. JPL worked with us from start to finish to ensure that our website was easy to navigate, accessible, and optimized for search.

– Tammy C. Black, Chief Communications Officer, Immune Deficiency Foundation

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