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A strong dealer network fuels New Holland’s broad farming equipment portfolio and global presence. Dealers can sell any equipment they choose when doing business with New Holland, but they benefit from the company’s commitment to helping them drive sales and grow.

New Holland offers immersive training experiences called National Training Events, which are a key part of its success. These events help New Holland engage with its dealer community, teach them about new products and updates and build brand excitement.

In 2023, the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas and a nearby hotel were selected as the locations for the National Training Event. Over the span of several weeks, a combination of general sessions and training content took place. Seven waves of strategically grouped dealer principals and sales team members attended.

JPL was selected as the event partner to help New Holland deliver a meaningful brand experience. During the month-long event, we produced a series of training events that left every dealer and salesperson feeling confident and energized.


We collaborated closely with the New Holland team to ensure this National Training Event raced into the record books.

The theme? New Holland is all in and at “Full Throttle” towards growing and winning.

During planning, we asked three key questions to establish engagement goals: What do we want attendees to think coming into the event? What should they feel during the event? And what do we want attendees to do after the event? The responses helped us learn how to make the attendee’s experience better at each venue, touchpoint and activity.

We partnered with New Holland leadership to develop an opening video and presentation. The kickoff shared their business goals while keeping the energy and engagement high, setting the stage for the event.

Once attendees arrived at the speedway, they rotated to “classroom” breakouts. Each breakout featured the latest equipment for dealers to get information, hop in and explore. We also created and designed a training workbook to help users grasp key takeaways and provide a space for note-taking.

Each day concluded with networking receptions and entertainment. These events helped dealers build relationships and connect with each other. Their partner in growth, New Holland, made this possible.

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