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Say “No” to One-Size-Fits-All Enrollment Marketing

To grow your school’s enrollment, you need an effective marketing strategy that connects with parents and families. This means personalizing your marketing to attract those seeking a school like yours that best fits their child. During our session, we’ll explore the pivotal role that audience segmentation plays in effective marketing and new ways to personalize your messaging to reach your audiences. You’ll learn how to use the framework to influence parents and families by tapping into their unique motivators and needs.

We look forward to seeing you at the AISAP Annual Institute!

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Learning objectives

What will you learn at our session? Today, personalized and relevant marketing and communications are essential for growth. We’ll explore how audience segmentation can help you move away from a one-size-fits-all enrollment approach.

You will:

power audience segmentation

Discover the power of audience segmentation and how it plays a vital role in driving successful school enrollment marketing.

audience type segmentation

Understand the different types of audience segmentation.

identify target audience

Learn how to identify your target audiences more effectively.

gain new tools

Gain new tools for identifying a target audiences’ mindsets, behaviors and decision-making journeys.

best practices

Explore best practices and practical applications for driving enrollment growth using an audience segmentation strategy.

dynamic school marketing

Walk away with the skills to develop highly targeted and dynamic school marketing campaigns.

Meet our speaker

profile shot of Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams
JPL Lead Strategist, Parent & Family Marketing

Lindsey is a lead strategist for JPL, a parent and family marketing agency. She partners with K-12 and higher education clients looking to evolve and grow. In her role, Lindsey helps schools thrive through effective enrollment marketing strategies. She’s passionate about audience insights and emerging trends that drive results. She helps schools attract families that connect with their mission and purpose. Her extensive background and expertise span market research, brand and media strategy.

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Who we are

We’re JPL, a parent and family marketing agency

We help K-12 schools and higher education clients grow enrollment by connecting them with parents and families who resonate with their purpose and unique points of difference.

JPL is a full-service agency bringing 35 years of expertise in marketing to parents and families.
Schools engage us for:

  • Student enrollment campaigns
  • Talent recruitment campaigns
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Brand, positioning and messaging
  • Websites and campaign landing pages
  • Video and content creation (virtual tours and photography)
  • Large events (in-person, virtual, hybrid and multi-campus)
  • Annual reports and viewbooks (digital and print)

Let’s chat

We’re excited to discuss your school’s purpose and how we can help you grow enrollment. Here’s what we’ll cover in an exploratory call:

  • Assessing your current challenges and goals
  • Alignment of our capabilities and experience


Matt Daly
Vice President of Client Solutions

Matt consults with schools and universities to understand needs and provide the right solutions to improve enrollment. A JPL presence for more than 20 years, Matt has also served as the director of client strategy and manager of digital.

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